Why This Site?

Hi Everyone!

You might be thinking, there are tons of similar websites out there and drinking green smoothies are not new to many people. So, why do I need to set up this site?

I am not going to make any assumptions here, but I personally feel that this whole idea is not very common in Singapore. At least, I don’t seem to know anyone else blending and drinking their greens like I do.

In addition, I find that a lot of people (including myself), became embarrassed to be drinking their green smoothies in public or at work. I get weird stares and disgusted looks all the time. So the best way is to hide our green smoothies in non-transparent bottles.

And that got me angry, at myself mostly.

Why should we be embarrassed to be doing something good for our bodies? Why should we hide our positivity? If people can walk around with their frappuccinos in their hands (and look cool), why can’t we?


When I first started blending my greens, I was really excited and started raving to many of my friends and colleagues. I even offered to blend for them.

Sad to say, I received many negative comments…

“Ewwww, you drink that green goo ?!”

“Oh man! You are so going to get diarrhoea!”

“It’s not good for you!”

I totally understand their rejections and I know many of you feel the same way. I must admit, it’s not a conventional method to take your greens and the output may not look pretty. Also, if you are not a regular salad-eater, it may be rather intimidating for you.

Therefore, I want to put up this site to share ideas, information and recipes with everyone. Going forward, I would like to try using some tropical fruits (durians maybe? lol) & veggies that we can find locally, easily.



I hope that this site will  help create some awareness, regardless how small it may be. I set to inspire and be inspired.

And, I do hope that one day people chug their greens on Singapore streets openly and this will eventually, be the coolest thing to do!

Til then,

Chug it !


12 thoughts on “Why This Site?

  1. I shall be trying some of your smoothies. It’s about time I changed the direction of my health, and I’m starting here!

  2. This information and recipes are wonderful! Don’t worry, there will never be too many healthy website/blogs out there 🙂
    Perhaps someone has never heard of green smoothies and you are their first experience.
    Nice work!

  3. Cool blog! I love making smoothies, but I have not ventured into adding veggies yet. I will def be trying a few of your recipes!

  4. I’m soo glad to find this blog about making your own green recipes. Well, I do know that there are a ton of blogs and websites out there that teaches one to make your own green smoothie but there ain’t as many local blogs that I can find. I might be no vegan, vegetarian or raw foodist but ever since I picked up yoga in the recent year, I have been trying to incorporate more green smoothies to my meal. Likewise, I also drink it at home or when I’m with my family but my bf, family and sisters’ bfs think I’m weird too. Well. they still love me regardless but they think it’s mad that I’m drinking some “nasty looking green drink”! Having said that, I usually dont follow any recipes so my drinks, mostly made up of more veg than fruits, can taste a bit urgh at times. Nonetheless, i love that it’s so healthy and it makes me feel good and more energized! 🙂 Am gonna try out some of your simpler recipes. Keep up good work! Gonna bookmark your blog too! 🙂

    • Hi girl!
      Sorry for the late reply and Thank you very much for your sweet comments! I love Yoga too!! Likewise, I started eating cleaner after being more regular in my workouts. I love Singapore food, so I guess, Green Smoothies can keep my diet more balanced 😉 I’m sure your family will slowly get influenced and soon, you will be blending for all of them! 🙂

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