Avocado Cacao Cream

Hi Chuggers!

What have you been blending / juicing lately?

Today, I am sharing a lovely dessert recipe! Finally a change from my Green drinks eh? 😆

I am a HUGE HUGE lover of Avocados so I’m always experimenting with what I can do with them…

So one fine day, I was craving for something chocolate and creamy… I looked into my refrigerator and decided to try out this combination! Didn’t turn out exactly like a Chocolate milkshake (which was what I was hoping for actually)… but still, quite a cool dessert 😀



1 x Avocado

1 x Medjool Date

Approx 1 Tbs x Raw Cacao

1/2 Cup x Milk (I prefer to use non-dairy option)

1/2 Cup x Water

(P.S. Apologies for this freakish display of ingredients… heh heh)


I am loving this 7 Grain ”Milk” recently! You can simply use Oat / Rice / Almond Milk 🙂


Blend away and there you go!

A Yummilicious dessert that’s nutritious, satisfying and super easy to prepare! 😀

Let me know if you like it !

Til then,

Chug It!


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