Costco Green Smoothies

Hi Chuggers!

I was in San Francisco 2 weeks ago for holiday and I really enjoyed myself! The weather was lovely, food was fantastic and there was so much to explore!

I also had lots of juices and smoothies when I was in SF. A huge shout out to Jamba Juice… Please come to Singapore! 😆


Before the trip, I was wondering how I could make my own breakfast smoothies. Lucky me, my fiance’s housemate owns a Ninja blender and he is a huge smoothie lover himself! He also had tons of vegetables and fruits in his fridge. That is how I got to satisfy my smoothie cravings everyday!

I have always heard about people buying their groceries at Costco. So, it was actually one of the places I really wanted to go (don’t laugh! >,<).

Everything is priced so reasonably at Costco! I bought lots of stuffs like tomatoes, avocados etc. I can’t remember their exact prices anymore but I was soooo happy weaving through the lanes and grabbing stuffs off the shelves!

Oh… and the Costco Roast chicken (USD5.99 I think?) was soooooo good! I had some with a Boudin breadbowl soup for lunch one day, and mixed in with some greens for salad another day. So yummy!!


P.S. garlic prawns were from Costco too 😀

I could really go on and on about my trip… I should stop here… 😆

So, in general, this was what I had been blending for myself while I was in SF… Everything was bought at Costco (except the Rice Milk)


1 cup x Frozen mixed fruits (Mangos & Peaches & Strawberries)

Handful of fresh Raspberries

1 x Avocado

1 cup x Rice Milk

2 cups of Baby Kale

(Added tomatoes too but forgot to take pictures of them)


These Green smoothies were our typical breakfasts before going out for a run at the Golden Gate park, shopping, or sightseeing… Sometimes his housemate would blend for us, and he would use his pack of frozen berries which were also really delicious!

GOSH! I miss SF already! ❤

Hope I can visit again soon!

Til then,

Chug it!


2 thoughts on “Costco Green Smoothies

  1. You visited San Francisco, huh? I lived near there my entire life prior to getting married 🙂
    It’s really one of those places that you just want to go back to over and over again.

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