Milky Nectarine Green Smoothie

Hi Chuggers,

I am a little slow in uploading posts because I’m having a holiday in San Francisco… There are so much to eat and see here!

On a side note, I am having Green Smoothies everyday because we have a Ninja Blender! Also, fruits and veggies are so affordable in Costco… A huge bag of Kale is about USD4.99 and 12 tomatoes are at USD2.99 (!!!) I literally jumped for joy at Costco 😛

One of the Summer fruits that were in season was the Nectarines… I still see them around in Singapore and I think I saw them around in US too. They look pretty similar to peaches, but they do not have the fuzzy skin that peaches have. Nectarines are generally smaller in size too.

Yellow-flesh Nectarines seem to be more common, but I came across White-flesh ones so I decided to grab a few and blend them with my Greens!

Nectarines are high in fiber so if you are prone to constipation, you should eat one or two daily. They are very crunchy and juicy with a mild sweetness. Definitely a refreshing snack on a hot day!

Here you go…


3 x White Flesh Nectarines (seeded)

3 x Green Kiwis

2 heads  x Bok Choy

Few stalks x English Parsley

1 cup x Organic Almond Milk (unsweetened)

-serves approx 4 cups-


Yellow or White-flesh Nectarine contains almost similar nutrition. And here are some of its benefits…


  • has  high amounts of Vitamin C to promote good immunity against infections. It also helps to produce collagen, which is essential for binding tissues.
  • Is a rich source of dietary Fiber so this is great for constipation sufferers
  • Contains significant amounts of Vitamin A for healthy skin and mucus membranes
  • Contains good amounts of Potassium for maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Is low in calories and contains no saturated fats.




This was a really lovely drink that I had on a weekend morning… I did not include strong flavoured fruits because I want to keep this light and refreshing. The Kiwis complement very well with their slight sourness. I had some Almond milk and decided to use it as the liquid base so I can have a creamy drink with a very tiny hint of almond flavour. You can always use Yellow flesh Nectarines as they are actually sweeter.

Hope you like this recipe!

What are some places your would recommend me to visit in San Francisco? Any less touristy areas?

Thanks in advance! 🙂


Til then,

Chug it !


5 thoughts on “Milky Nectarine Green Smoothie

  1. So awesome that you are here in the US! I would recommend visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, taking the Alcatraz Tour, walking around Fisherman’s Wharf (if you like sea food, you can grab a bit to eat there), and visiting Lombard Street. I think they are touristy spots but they are worth visiting.

    • Hi! Wanted to update you that I did most of your recommendations (except for the Alcatraz Tour). I’m back in Singapore and missing US already! Thanks for your suggestions… Truly appreciate it! 🙂

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