Cooling Star Fruit Green Smoothie

Hi Chuggers,

I’m introducing Star Fruits in my green smoothies today. Don’t you think that Star Fruit is one of the most uniquely shaped fruits? Nature surprises me all the time…

Together with its waxy skin, the Star Fruit tastes mildly sweet and sour, making it a great option for juices and salads.

Because the edges were green, I used a fruit peeler to lightly peel away the green areas.

Here are the ingredients I used :


2 x Starfruits

1 x Red Apple

1 x China Pear

4 heads x Bok Choy

1 Lemon (juiced)

1/2 cup x water

-Serves approx 4 cups-


Now… let’s take a quick peek at its nutritional value :

Star fruit…

  1. Is high in Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, which also helps to ward off common infections
  2. Is a good source of source of beta carotene which is converted to Vitamin A and this is vital for healthy vision and good appetite.
  3. Rich in dietary fiber to improve digestion and prevent constipation
  4. Rich in flavanoids which help protect body cells from free radical damages
  5. Has antimicrobial effects which makes it effective in dealing with E Coli, salmonella etc.
  6. Is a good source of Vitamin B-complex ( folates, riboflavin, and Vitamin B-6 )
  7. is a traditional remedy for hangovers , sore throats and coughs
  8. is used directly on the skin to combat acne
  9. relieves sore eyes and sun stroke
  10. is believed to help nursing mothers stimulate milk flow

Star Fruit juice is also known to be ‘cooling’. Many years ago, someone told me that adding a pinch of salt to a cup of fresh Star Fruit juice helps with sore throat. I tried this remedy and it did make me feel better! So, next time if you feel a scratchy throat coming up, swing by to the nearest juice stall and ask for a cup Star Fruit juice!



I made sure that the fruits that I included in this blend are sweet and full of juice, yet, not masking the taste of Star Fruit. I really enjoyed the taste of Star Fruit that lingered on after I chugged it all. It is definitely a very refreshing and satisfying drink packed with nutritious goodness.

Hope you like this blend!


Til then,

Chug it!


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