Pink Guava Alfafa Smoothie

Hi Chuggers!

I haven’t done a ‘pretty’ drink in awhile. Everything I blended recently was just Green or Brown… I love my Green Smoothies… But occasionally, I (and you too I’m guessing) want to see something different too!

I got pretty excited when I smelt Pink Guava while I was doing my grocery shopping . Yes. I SMELT them. They have a very distinct, sweet smelling aroma that you just can’t miss it. And it’s not often we see pink guavas in the supermarket. So I bought a pack of 3!

And with such a pretty fruit, I kept wondering how I could make a green smoothie ‘’not green”. So… I bought some Alfafa Sprouts!

This is probably the first time I blended a drink with Alfafa Sprouts. It is pretty mild in flavour so I’m guessing it should be able to go well in juices. Moreover, it’s high in Vitamins B, K and Protein. Great source of nutrients for Vegans!

I kept ingredients simple because I don’t know how it would turn out… and I wanted  to make sure that the Pink Guava taste would show. So I didn’t add too many strong tasting fruits…


3 x Pink Guavas

1 x Banana

1 x Coconut Water

Handful of Alfafa Sprouts

-serves 3 cups-

In a nutshell, Guava…

  1. is a rich source of soluble dietary fiber that aids in healthy bowel movement.
  2. is an excellent source of Vitamin C which helps improve immunity against infectious agents.
  3. is rich in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that has shown to help reduce risk of certain cancers. The Pink version has higher contents of Lycopene than tomatoes…
  4. has high contents of Potassium which is important for controlling blood pressure.
  5. helps in weight loss due to its high content of fiber and makes you feel fuller after eating it…
  6. contains good amounts of Copper, which is essential for regulating thyroid functions.



And… TA-DAH! Moment of truth!!

The drink didn’t turn out as tasty as I thought it would be. Because… the other 2 Guavas in the packet were pretty unripe.  There is still some sweetness from the Guavas but not strong enough to mask the taste from the Alfafa Sprouts.

If you have all 3 ripe Pink Guavas, you should be fine. Else, just add another apple or banana and it would be a yummy drink!

So it did taste a little bland with some sprouts after taste. But nothing too disgusting that I have to throw out. Even my picky mum said it was fine and chugged it all… I think my parents are pretty well-trained by now 😀

Like the milky pink of my drink? LOL 😆

Til Then,

Chug It !


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