Hi Everyone!



Whether you are a fellow chugger, or someone who is interested to know more about green smoothies, welcome to my blog!

I  jumped on this bandwagon about 2 months ago and I have been drinking green smoothies about 3 times a week since.

It started when a good friend of mine raved to me how enjoyable it was for her to juice for her family. I thought it sounded pretty fun and healthy. So, I did some readings online and realise that there are a lot of articles on blending vegetables and fruits instead. I had an old blender at home so I thought maybe I could try… I went to the supermarket and bought some spinach, bananas, blueberries etc.

I was mildly disappointed when my first green smoothie, didn’t turn out green 😦

It turned brown because of the blueberries… But, it tasted amazing !!!

To be fair, I am a regular salad eater. I love eating raw greens and have no problems chomping down all kinds of vegetables (Yes, even bittergourd). So, I am not afraid to chug down my first green brown smoothie.

I know some people are genuinely afraid of the veggie taste but unlike a salad, a green smoothie can mask the taste, at least to a good extent. So, I highly recommend non-veggie eaters to try this method to get your intake of vegetables!

I have been adventurous with my blends, adding ginger, herbs, seeds etc.

But I will start with something that is more acceptable for beginners.

So, stay tune!

Til then,

Chug it!


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