Beginners Bliss

Hi Chuggers!

This first recipe I am posting is really simple, quick and great for beginners who are afraid of the veggie taste. You can kick start with this and then start adding other vegetables or fruits in future.


1 cup x Baby Spinach Leaves
1 x  Banana
1 x Golden Kiwi
½ cup x Cold Water

Um… yea, that’s all you need for a basic glass of green smoothie…

Spinach is a great option for beginners because the taste can be masked easily by any sweet fruits. This dark leafy green is packed with nutrients and readily available in our local supermarkets.

Banana has a strong sweet taste that can help mask the veggie taste in your blends. It is high in potassium, low in salt and helps regulate blood sugar. My gym instructor often encourages us to eat bananas to prevent muscle cramps.

Kiwis are known to be an excellent source of Vitamin C. The golden Kiwi is slightly sweeter and mushier than the Green variance. I love that they give a slight tartness to my green smoothies.


All you need to do is to add them all into your blender and… blend away!

To be frank, this won’t be enough for breakfast. But it will be great for pre/post workout or as a mid afternoon snack. I would blend this for friends who have never tried green smoothies before too!


So here is the end product of a lovely green smoothie… Hope you enjoy this post!

Til then,

Chug it!


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