Durian Green Smoothie

Hi Chuggers!

Do you agree that Durian is the King of Fruits ?!


Well, basically… either you love it, or you hate it… And if you have never tried it, I urge you to at least have a bite.

I love the aroma of Durians but apparently, many people find that it has a foul smell. I do have a few friends who cringe at the mere mention of the word ‘durian’ 😆

Durians are very common in Singapore, all year round and can be found in all kinds of desserts. Durian beverages, Durian pastries, Durian mooncakes etc… McDonald’s in Singapore even has a durian-flavoured McFlurry!

I kept this blend really simple :


Approx 8-9 x Durian bulbs (seeded and FYI, I used a D24 breed 😀 )

1 x Lemon (juiced)

4 x Bok Choy

1 cup x Organic Rice milk

-serves approx 4 cups-

So is this exotic fruit healthy ? Here are some of its nutrients…


  1. Is rich in protein and therefore is an excellent muscle builder (great for vegan gym-goers !)
  2. Is  high in calories and helps to replenish energy very quickly. Weight-watchers might want to control intake though.
  3. Is a good source of folate which helps produce normal red blood cells. This is especially beneficial to anaemic people
  4. Contains high amounts of monounsaturated fats (but not saturated fats)
  5. Is rich in dietary fiber and is great for bowel movements.
  6. Contains good amounts of Vitamin C which helps fight common diseases and is also a powerful antioxidant which helps to reduce free radical damages
  7. Is rich in Potassium which helps maintain blood pressure and also promotes bone health
  8. Contains tryptophan which is metabolised into serotonin and melatonin and these neuro-chemicals help to induce sleep.


This drink tastes heavenly (if you love durians)… It’s the removing of flesh that was a little tricky because you will be pulling the flesh off the seeds and you will get durians all over your fingers (not that I mind though haha)…

I kept ingredients simple because I am not sure what goes well with durians. I topped it up with Desiccated Coconut and Cinnamon powder to enhance the texture and flavour. It turned out so good!

I also blended a version without Vegetables which was soooo yummilicious!

Durians are known for its aroma (some would say it’s odour) and thorny, pointy husk. The yellow, fleshy bulbs are rich in flavours and are buttery smooth.

There are different grades of Durians (e.g. Red prawn, D24, Mountain King etc.) and they are priced differently.

The most expensive Durian I have tried cost about SGD40 (approx USD31) for just 1 Durian. It was divine… but over-priced in my opinion. I love durians which have thick, dense flesh and a bitter after taste. I’m totally drooling over my keyboard as I type now 😆


Do you love the smell of durians or run away from it? 🙂


Til then,

Chug it!


10 thoughts on “Durian Green Smoothie

    • Hi! We have Durians in Singapore all year round… And do you mean Lychees? They are kinda seasonal but we can get them occasionally too 🙂

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  2. I’ve never had durian & am not even sure if Asian markets where I live sell them, but this sounds interesting. Durian has some impressive nutritional stats. Great idea adding the bok choy, too; I love to eat it, but never had it in a smoothie.

    • They probably don’t sell because of the strong smell. It may turn many people off lol…
      I like Bok Choy cos’ it doesn’t have a strong taste and can be masked easily too 🙂

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