Freshie Peachie Greenie

Hi Chuggers!

I am really excited for this blend (and the next) because I am using one of my favourite fruits…
And… they are the…


Love the blushing rosy colour!


Look at the creamy white on the inside… So rich and juicy!


(It was actually a gloomy day so there was not enough light… Boo!)

For today’s green smoothie, I used really simple ingredients


2 cup x Spinach leaves
2 x White Peaches
1 x Pear
Coconut Water

-Serves about 4 cups-

The fruits I used do not have overpowering sweet flavours, so there will be some Veggie taste. If you are not used to it, you can always halve the Veggie portion. I did not choose to use strong tasting fruits (e.g. Bananas) because I want the refreshing Peachy taste to be more prominent. The Pear and Coconut water also complement it really well.


Boba (aka Bubble Tea) straw is great for slurping green smoothies!

There are yellow-flesh Peaches and white-flesh Peaches.

Yellow-fleshed ones are more commonly used in baking or cooking (my mind is on a Peach Cobbler now lol!) while White-flesh peaches are more suitable for munching out of hand or juicing.

These White Peaches are seasonal, so grab them if you see them at the stalls now! They are also highly perishable so, consume them quickly too.

Peaches are very rich in Vitamin A, C and is known to have great antioxidant effects. Because they are high in Potassium, Peaches aid in muscle tissue functions and maintains healthy blood pressure.

Peach juice are good for people with anemia because of it’s high iron content. It also helps to flush out toxins and prevents kidney stones.

Nectarines and Peaches are quite similar. The skin of a White Nectarine is smoother while the White Peach has a velvety, fuzzy skin. I love the velvety feel on the White Peaches and their rosy colours. So pretty outside and inside!

Random fun fact : Do you know that a Nectarine is also referred to as a ‘brazillian peach’ or ‘shaven peach’ because it lacks of the short fuzzy hairs that the peach has? 😀

What is your favourite fruit and what do you like to blend them with? Let me know in the comments below!

Til then,

Chug it!


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