Vitamin C Boost Green Smoothie

Hi Chuggers,

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, it’s fall now and if you are prone to common autumn allergens, you might be sniffling away while you are reading this… 😦

Ragweed, Mold and Dust mites are common triggers and Report has shown that this fall allergy season might be worse than past years…

Asthma attacks are often triggered by allergens so Asthma sufferers should takes some precautions as suggested in this article

It has been raining a lot in Singapore and it finally feels a bit cooler lately… But this also means that the weather changes all the time!

One minute it’s all hot and sunny, another minute rain starts pouring… So unpredictable!

Many Singaporeans suffer from sinuses and this is the kind of weather that will trigger our allergies… In addition, a bout of flu seems to be going around too!

So… I thought of this drink to give your immunity a power boost! 🙂

Pretty common ingredients you can find at your local supermarket :


3 heads x Bok Choy

3 x Green Kiwis

1 x Orange (juiced)

1 x Lemon Lime (juiced) – I added it into the orange juice

Approx 1 cup  x Cherry tomatoes

A few slices of Ginger

A few Mint leaves

½ cup x Water

-Serves approx 3 cups-


Lemon Lime, Orange juice, Tomatoes and Kiwis are all rich in Vitamin C, which is effective in building your body’s defence system against infectious agents. I added a few slices of Ginger to warm up the body and Mint leaves to give the drink a refreshing feel. Sounds a little contradicting but they complement each other really well!

Hopefully this little green drink will help ease your allergy symptoms and make you feel better…

Til then,

Chug it!


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