What are Chia Seeds ?

Some of my friends were asking me about Chia Seeds and what’s the hype about it.

I found out about Chia Seeds a few years back and since then, I have occasionally been adding them into my oatmeal. But I didn’t know what else I could do with them…

It was only recently, when I started blending my greens, that I realised I could add Chia Seeds into my drinks too!

So… I thought it would be interesting to share some information about Chia Seeds with everyone here.

First… this is how they look like : 

Here are some facts and benefits of Chia Seeds. They…

  • contain both soluble and insoluble fiber
  • are rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • are great sources of proteins, especially for vegetarians
  • make you feel fuller and reduce your sugar cravings – eventually, help you lose weight
  • are not weird-tasting and will go well with any food / drinks
  • come in black or white, but do not differ in taste or nutrients regardless of colours.
  • form a gel-like substance around the seeds when soaked in water (or your saliva… eww… lol)

So, you asked… What can I do with them?

  • Chia Seeds can be added to your Green smoothies for extra nutrition and are also great for thickening your blends.
  • Try sprinkling them on your salads or oatmeal so you feel satieted.
  • Top your gelato or yoghurt with Chia Seeds for that extra texture.
  • You can also bake your muffins or cookies with Chia seeds.
  • Some endurance athletes soak Chia Seeds in their water and drink them for sustainable energy and hydration.

This article has more detailed information if you want to know more about Chia Seeds. It also mentioned that the word Chia comes from Mayan word chiabaan, for “strengthening,” or the Aztec word chian, for “oily“… That’s interesting!

To date, there are no proven records that Chia Seeds can help treat or prevent any illness. But we do know that they are of such great nutritional values, and that is why it has been rather popular recently.

And your next question will be… Where can I find them in Singapore?

You can buy them from local hospital pharmacies (eg. CGH, SGH etc.) But try to call and find out if they have supplies before heading down. I have also seen some stocks available at Bedok NTUC Fairprice.

There might be different brands of Chia Seeds, but the most common ones that I have been spotting are from The Chia Co

They come in big resealable packets as shown here :Chia5

Or individual packets in smaller boxes like this :


I prefer to buy these individually packed ones because I can easily bring them to work or the gym. With the humidity in Singapore, I would imagine the seeds may get damp and sticky if I did not seal up the bags tightly. Also, I am really clumsy and I don’t want to spill the seeds from the big bags all over my kitchen counter 😀

I mix a shot of black Chia seeds and a shot of white Chia seeds in a mason jar and poured in some water…

Notice how each seed is starting to form a gel-like substance around it


I left it in the fridge for about 2 hours…

And There you go! Soaked Chia Seeds which you can consume them straight or with other food 🙂

Ending this with post with this refreshing and delicious snack I made the other day :


I sliced a small banana, put in a few seedless grapes, added some Goji Berries, squeezed a lime in and drizzled them with these soaked Chia seeds that I had in my fridge.

Sooooooo GOOD !!! It was definitely a perfect snack on a warm afternoon.

Hope this post is interesting to you and clear some of your questions on Chia Seeds 🙂

Til then,

Chug it!


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