Time to Detox! Zesty Grapefuit Smoothie

Hi Chuggers!

If you live in Singapore, you would know that we had 2 days of public holidays last week – celebrating Hari Raya, then National day, followed by the weekend right after. So we literally had 4 consecutive rest days!

And if you are a food lover like me, you probably would have been feasting a lot too 😆

So… I decided to create blends that aim at DETOXING to remove all the crazy junk that I had…

Most of the Green smoothies are already helpful in removing toxins from your bodies because they are packed with nutrients from fruits, vegetables and contain lots of fiber.

But today, I want to introduce this ‘potent’ drink that is high in antioxidants, great for cleansing and is effective for relieving that bloated tummy that I usually get after a big feast.

Gotta love the colours!


3 heads x Lettuce

1 glass x Fresh Grapefruit Juice (I used about 3 & 1/2 Ruby Grapefruits)

2 x Carrots

1 x Lemon (Juiced)

3 Inch x Ginger (Grated)

Handful of Italian Parsley

-Serves about 3 cups-



Yes, the colour is not pretty… and I have to admit I added WAY TOO MUCH Ginger!

Turned out really spicy… but if you are a Ginger lover, you won’t mind 🙂

Grapefruits are very high in Vitamin C and contain Lycopene. This makes it an excellent source of antioxidant. It also helps to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and flush out toxins in your body. Grapefruits are also commonly added to diet plans because they are low in calories but high in fiber and helps to balance blood sugar. Great for weight-watchers!

Parsley contains high amount of vitamins and is efficient in removing heavy metals from your body. It is definitely a fantastic addition in Green smoothies especially when you need a good detox.

Very often after a big feast, I would feel sluggish and bloated the next day. So, I would add Ginger into my Green smoothie and this would instantly make me feel much better. If you don’t want to make a green smoothie, at least have a cup of warm Ginger Tea to ease any stomach discomfort.

Both Lemon juice and Carrots are also great for cleansing your system!

Honestly… this drink is not exactly the usual sweet and tasty blends that I normally do. The colour is not pretty either! But when you ate too much junk, I think you would prefer a great detox over anything else… Right?

What do you usually feast on during long holidays? Do share with me in the comment box below!

Til then,Chug it!


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