Dragon Fruit Mango Green Smoothie

Hi Chuggers!

If you have been following my blog, you probably already realised that I am trying to feature a variety of tropical, seasonal fruits as much as I can. I thought it might be interesting to introduce these fruits to readers who haven’t seen them before and also to provide some insight on their nutritional values. I live in Singapore, so I do come across these fruits quite conveniently.

They might seem a little exotic and you might not be able to find them anywhere near you. But, feel free to substitute with other fruits which you can get in your local supermarkets.

So… today’s blend is really simple…


4 heads x Bok Choy

2 x Dragon Fruits (white-flesh versions)

2 x Mangoes

1 x Lemon (juiced)

1/2 cup water

-Serves approx 4 cups-

Dragon fruit has a mild sweetness, a little tinge of sourness, and a melon-like crunchy texture. The black seeds are very small and they are edible. They also come in purplish red-flesh versions and those are much sweeter. I couldn’t get them in the supermarket, so I bought these white-flesh ones instead. This pretty fruit is packed with health benefits!

Dragon fruit…

  1. Is rich in Vitamin C which helps build your immune system and fight free radicals
  2. Has high amounts of Fiber and thus helps in digestive function
  3. Is helpful in controlling blood sugar level and some research has shown that type 2 diabetes sufferers could benefit from eating it.
  4. Helps to lower cholesterol and maintains healthy blood pressure
  5. Is a natural detoxing agent and helps remove heavy metals from the body
  6. Has tiny black seeds which are high in Omega-3 fats
  7. Is packed with Calcium and Magnesium


Because the white-flesh Dragon Fruit can be a little bland, I included Mangoes to enhance the sweetness in this green smoothie. It turned out really well and makes it a creamy and refreshing tropical drink.

I hope you have been enjoying my posts with these exotic fruits from Asia… Let me know what other fruits you would like me to try blending!

Til then,

Chug it!


4 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit Mango Green Smoothie

  1. Love this one.. we will be trying it out with our next fitness retreat group at Sharing Bali. We only use fruit that is local and in season so am excited to find your recipes are suitable for Asian ingredients.

    • Hi! I love the concept of Sharing Bali… hope one day I can visit your place too! Thanks for dropping by and hope your guests enjoy this recipe 🙂

      • You are just a 2 hour flight away! (I am often in Singapore) Grab some girlfriends and take a weekend escape to the hills of Bali!!! We can experiment with green smoothies. We have wild jungle fern that I use in smoothies. I am sure you could be creative with it!

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