Green Chugger Challenge #1 : Steven

Steven (name is not changed because his identity needs not be protected πŸ˜† ) is a colleague of mine who is known for being very particular with what goes into his mouth. Not only does he not eat vegetables, he also don’t take spice, seafood and certain fruits.

He told me the only vegetables he can consume are small amounts of cooked cucumbers, beansprouts, sweet potato leaves… And nothing else. In fact, he really hates vegetables…

On second thoughts, I probably shouldn’t start this challenge with him πŸ˜†

But luckily, he was pretty spontaneous and I whipped up something, specially for him today.

Today’s Menu:

2 Oranges (juiced)
1 x Apple
3 x Medium-sized Bananas
2 x Medjool dates
Handful of Spinach
3 heads x Bok Choy
1 x cup Organic Almond Milk
-serves about 5 cups-

I packed it in 2 small Jelly cups and brought to office. One for Steven and one for a girl colleague (who eats veggies but suffers from constipation occasionally).

I didn’t want to pack too much for them in case they dislike it and waste all the goodness.

When Steven saw the colour of the Green Smoothie, I think he freaked out a little.

He was like… “Uh… They are Green?”

I could see some stress on his face and I was worried that he would back out or throw up… and my first challenge will fail terribly!

So I told him to just sip a little and he could throw the rest away if he couldn’t stomach it.



Verdict :

He took a sip and said it’s really good! He waited abit (I think he was afraid that the vegetable taste would kick in) and then… he finished all and gave a THUMBS UP! He was totally amazed that there were no Veggie taste at all and started asking what I added in…

The girl colleague loved it too and she slowly drank it up because she said she wanted to enjoy the goodness. I have amazing colleagues πŸ™‚

I’m really happy that my first challenge is a success! Truly made my day…

I look forward in seeing your Blog posts / Tweets / Instagram photos on what you blend for a vegetable hater! Remember to tag it Green Chugger Challenge in your blog and hashtag it #GreenChuggerChallenge for Tweets and Instagram photos!

Maybe it won’t turn out nice and the person doesn’t like it. But at least we tried and we can all learn from experiences right?

Hope to see you in this challenge!

Til then,
Chug It !


2 thoughts on “Green Chugger Challenge #1 : Steven

  1. Love it! I’m going to make a batch for my brother and his girlfriend this weekend! She won’t eat a single vegetable, so it’ll be interesting to see what she thinks!

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