Traffic Light (sorta) Green Smoothie

Hi Chuggers!

My Mum’s friend came to visit the other day and bought us a huge bag of Cherries…

Cherries are juicy and sweet with a tinge of sourness… Definitely my all-time favourite snack…

Pop one into your mouth, and before you know it, half a bag is gone !!!

In fact, there weren’t many left when I wanted to blend them…

I also managed to get some organic Celery stalks which have their leaves still intact and I added all in !

Ingredients are pretty simple…


3 x Golden Kiwi

15  x Cherries (pitted)

½  x Lemon

1 x Avocado

3 Large Stalks x Celery (and leaves)

– serves about 3 cups –

 Avocado is overriped 😳 and I’m aware there are 16 Cherries in the picture (took 1 out for photo taking 😆 )

Cherries have tons of benefits… They…

  1. Help reduce uric acid, inflammation and therefore, are especially beneficial to Gout and Arthritis sufferers.
  2. Are rich sources of Antioxidants (Anthocyanin, which gives them the bright red colours), protect your body from oxidative damages and help fight cancerous cells.
  3. Are high in dietary fiber content and help support a healthy digestive function.
  4. Help relieve post-workout soreness due to its anti-inflammatory properties (gotta start snacking on cherries after gym workouts!).
  5. Contain Melatonin, a hormone that helps make you feel sleepy. Compared to off-counters supplements, Cherry juices may actually be a more natural and effective remedy for Insomnia sufferers.
  6. Are good sources of Potassium which keeps your blood pressure in check.

I had some time to spare and wanted to make this drink PRETTY!


1st layer : Avocado + Lemon + Celery

2nd layer :  Golden Kiwi

3rd layer : Cherries

For each layer, I added a little water and Coconut flesh to blend. This way, they will be creamier and each layer will sit well on top of each other.

Lemon helps to prevent the Avocado from browning so I can buy some time for photo takings and preparations for other layers.

I was hoping the Cherries layer to appear bright red. But it turned out pretty dark… haha…

Anyway, it was really fun making this drink and it tastes amazingly good too!

Hope you find this post interesting and have fun blending !

Til then,

Chug It !


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