Lychee Mogreento

(I’m not very good at naming my drinks -_- )

Hi Chuggers!

Have you tried mocktails or cocktails with Lychee syrups? Does (Virgin) Lychee Mojito, Lychee Magarita etc. ring a bell? Anything with lychees also gives me a really tropical feel…

So… I want to have a cool, refreshing and healthy drink that makes me feel like I am enjoying the sea breeze under a coconut tree with warm sun rays above me and soft sand under my feet.

OK. A little overboard. Back to reality.

A typical Lychee Mojito consists of Lychee Syrup, Lime and Mint leaves. I want to try recreate this with a healthy approach (No rum, sorry). I mentioned previously in Lychee Ginger Zing that Lychees seem to go well with citrusy fruits. For this blend, I used fresh Orange juice as the liquid base and included some cucumbers to enhance the refreshing experience.


 Here are the ingredients I used :


5 heads x Baby Bok Choy

Approx 8 x Lychees (peeled & pitted)

1 x Orange (juiced)

2 x Baby cucumbers

A few mint leaves

 -Serves about 3 cups-

This is a very simple recipe that everyone should try. There’s not much preparation work except for some washing and cutting. Mint leaves are also quite commonly found in local supermarkets.

Now, I present you this delicious drink !


Writing this post reminds me how much I enjoy this drink! I love how uplifting it is, especially great for hot summer days and of course, our Singapore weather.

Do you have a potted mint plant? Is it difficult to maintain? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Til then,

Chug it !


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