Mummy’s Favourite Drink

Hi Chuggers!

Firstly, I want to let you know that my Mum is a little picky Chugger. When I first started blending for her, she would often comment that I added too much of this, or that, in my blends. She is a really good cook so I trust her advice and take her feedback very seriously. Also, because she represents a lot of Chuggers who have more sensitive taste buds.

My Dad, on the contrary, chugs everything I blend with no comments. Anything with fruits or vegetables, he approves.

Regardless, they both love my creations and I truly enjoy blending for them too!

Now that I have more experiences in blending, albeit still learning new things each day, I get more nods from my Mum (yay!)…

But there is this particular one that I did on one fine morning that she fell in love with… like totally…

She loved it so much, she texted me excitedly while I was at work saying it was soooo good… lol

So, all these went into my blender that morning:

(sorry for the mess – it was really early)


3 heads x Baby Bok Choy

3 stalks x Celery

2 x Apples

2 x Persimmons (peeled)

½ cup x Drinking Water

-Serves about 4 cups-


I have a full-time job and therefore, the drinks I blend in the mornings are generally much simpler and fuss-free.

As I slowly fill this website with photos, you will be able to spot which ones were taken in the mornings when it was still dark and there was no sunlight yet 😀

This is a really easy recipe with minimal preparations. It is sweet and appetising with no veggie taste (Beginners alert!).

Top it with Dried Cranberries, Grounded Flaxseed meal and you are ready to face the day ahead!


Persimmons Square

I had 2 full glasses for breakfast (this was for photo-taking purposes only lol)

Persimmons (also known as Sharon fruit) are high in Vitamin A, C and B-complex. They also contain rich sources of fiber and are low in calories – Perfect for weight-watchers.

They are in season right now, but seem to be quite limited. I tried to look for them the following week, but I can’t find any at the fruit stalls or supermarkets. I love munching on persimmons but I prefer to peel the skin away.

Does any of you eat the skin of Persimmons?

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my Mum did!

Til then,

Chug it!


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