Jackfruit Strawberries Smoothie

Hi Chuggers!

It seems to be the ‘fruity’ season recently. I’m been seeing so many varieties of tropical fruits at the supermarkets and I just want to add them ALL to my Green Smoothies! I love that they are all so flavoursome and packed with great nutrients!

The other day, I came across pre-packed Jackfruit (bulbs) and I quickly grabbed a pack before the shelf gets wiped out. They are very fast selling! Thanks to the pre-packed version, else I would not know how to cut that huge body of it to remove these yummy flesh!

So, here are the fruits and vegetables that I used, together with the Jackfruit Bulbs I bought…


Approx 10 x Strawberries

6 x Jackfruit Bulbs (pitted)

1 x Chinese Pear

2 Cups x Spinach leaves

1 Cup x Fresh Coconut Water

– Serves approx 4 cups-



Just looking at these colours makes me so happy!

I love adding Jackfruit to my Green Smoothie because of its distinct aroma and also because it gives my drink a thick consistency. Frankly, I do prefer green thickies because they are more filling (I get hungry all the time πŸ˜† )… So, what are the benefits of these sweet smelling bulbs?


  • is high in dietary fiber and helps in smooth bowel movement.
  • is rich in phytonutrients which help reduce free radical damages in your bodies.
  • contains Vitamin A which promotes good vision and healthy skin.
  • has high Anti-aging properties and this helps slow down degeneration of cells.
  • contains high amounts of Potassium and aids in reducing blood pressure.
  • is a rich source of Vitamin C to help boost your immunity.
  • is rich in magnesium which is vital for Calcium absorption, thus helping to prevent bone related problems (e.g osteoporosis).

Don’t you want to have some now?! πŸ™‚


This Green Smoothie is truly delicious and gives so much exciting flavours. Coconut water, together with the Pear, gives a sweet, refreshing taste. Strawberries add some slight tartness and the Jackfruit leaves a lovely, unique after taste (which apparently, some people think is pungent :lol:). You can also add some oatmeal and this will be a wonderful option for breakfast!

Oh and by the way… Don’t throw away the Jackfruit seeds! I usually place them into boiling water for about 15mins and consume them as a snack. They taste somewhat like chestnuts and are also packed with amazing nutrients… Remember to peel off the outer layer from the seed!



Hope you enjoy this post and let me know what seasonal fruits you like… I need more ideas for interesting Green Smoothies! πŸ™‚

Til then,

Chug  it!


3 thoughts on “Jackfruit Strawberries Smoothie

  1. Hi ! Thanks for liking my post!
    I live in Singapore so we tend to have more varieties of seasonal, tropical fruits… Jackfruit has a very unique, distinctive aroma… You might not be able to find fresh ones in US, but perhaps the canned version from Asian supermarkets πŸ™‚

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