Cheers to Pomegranate !!!

Hi Chuggers!

I am dedicating this entire post to the lovely fruit : The Pomegranate!

And I’m going to squeeze all these topics in 1 single page for your easy reading… You’re welcome 😉

  • How to remove Pomegranate seeds
  • How to juice a Pomegranate
  • A Pomegranate Green Smoothie Recipe

Pomegranates are one of the the best fruits you can consume for good health… I have to admit though, it is quite a cumbersome chore to remove the individual seeds. But, they are temptingly delicious and packed with amazing nutrients for your consumption. Totally worth the effort I tell ya! 🙂

Recently, I found this tip to remove these Pom seeds easily and also help prevent your hands from pink stains… It works pretty well! So I’m going to share it with you Chuggers…

1. Soak the entire Pomegranate in COLD water for about 10mins
2. Remove the crown of the Pomegranate


3. Slowly cut along on the lines of fiber that separate the insides of the fruit into approximately 4-5 parts.


4. Place the sliced Pomegranates in a bowl of COLD water again and gently remove the seeds with your fingers.

They should start falling off easily and sink to the bottom of the water.


If you have a Juicer, good for you! If, like me, you only own a blender, you can use the Blend-and-Strain technique which I often use to extract Wheatgrass juice (I have a detailed guide of it here)

Now, I blend the seeds with approximately ½ cup of water in my blender for 2mins…

Pour them into a tea bag strainer and slowly squeeze out the juice into a glass


Ta-Daahh!! You now have a glass of PINK goodness… So pretty right!

 Of course, you can totally enjoy this glass of sweet, tantalizing Pom juice on its own now…

But I wanted to use it as a liquid base for a Green Smoothie. So… here’s what I added for a 2nd round of blending!


2 x Pomegranates (juiced)

8 x Strawberries

1 x China Pear

3 stalks x Kale

-Serves approx 3 cups-

And there you go! An Amazing glass of Green goodness with Pomegranate juice! How delicious & nutritious is that?! 🙂


So, what are some of the many nutritional benefits in this pink fruit? Pomegranate…

  1. minimises the risk of atherosclerosis, which is one of the main causes of heart diseases
  2. lowers LDL (or known as bad cholesterol) and increases the good ones
  3. maintains healthy blood sugar levels
  4. regulates blood pressure levels
  5. contains high amounts of Antioxidants and thus, helps eliminate free radicals from the body
  6. is high in Vitamin C, which helps promote a healthy immune system
  7. contains significant amount of iron which raises haemoglobin levels in your blood and is therefore, beneficial for anaemic people
  8. helps soothes UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)
  9. helps improve digestion and bowel movement due to its secretion of anti-bacterial enzymes

There are so many things you can do with a Pomegranate! You can sprinkle the seeds on salads, have them as a snack while lazing on your couch, mix into your oatmeal or Greek Yogurt etc.

Some people prefer to simply suck the juice and spit out the seeds. Some love the crunchiness and chewed on the seeds altogether… It’s totally up to your preference!

Hope you enjoyed this post and  let’s cheers to Pom Pom ! 😆

Til then,

Chug It!


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